25 limited is an initiative of Marcel Salome and his fine art printing company Re-Art that is heavily hit by the corona crisis, just like many artists, galleries and companies within the art industry. Life, Art and culture. At the moment everything is standing still. But … creativity and entrepreneurship cannot be stopped. 25LMTD is a unique art project in these difficult times. To educate and entertain. But above all to support the artists involved, to allow art lovers to enjoy and – hopefully – to strengthen Re-Art during this difficult period.


Re-Art has asked its artists to provide a unique work of art. Re-Art then produces a limited print with a collector’s value in an edition of 25 pieces. These affordable collectable prints are offered at a very special rate. The prints are made together with the artists and reach the highest standards for fine art printing. All prints are signed, numbered by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.


At 25LMTD, the knife cuts three ways: Re-Art and the selected artists generate turnover and we offer the art lover the opportunity to invest in a very special and affordable piece of art. Only 25 limited fine art prints will be available from many artists that are connected to Re-Art. All prints are offered at a very attractive price, normally these prints are worth three times more. In short: a win-win-win situation for art lovers, artists and Re-Art.


We will release every other week on Friday at 17.00 European time an new edition from an artist. Only 25 copies per print will become available per artist … in short: first come, first served.

25LMTD: a special initiative with special artists and (very) limited art prints.

25LMTD initiator Marcel Salome

“Art is and continues to enrich our lives. Even in these difficult times. Let’s support each other by continuing to enjoy beautiful art. Of course with the most important message in mind: stay healthy!”

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