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Dutch artist Marcel Witte is a visual storyteller. He uses his paintings to criticize the contemporary society on a subtile way. By painting nearly life size animals in an empty, monochrome background he strikes a balance between realism and fantasy. Since 2003, Marcel Witte has a successful career as a professional artist. His art is unique in every aspect of the word and follows a logical process. By choosing Hyperrealism, he makes no concessions to current art trends.

Marcel Witte painting of Plaything

Highly technically skilled and with a perfect eye for detail, he paints nearly life size animals against a monochromatic background.

“Art tells a story without words.”

By transforming human features into animals, the paintings confront the viewer, but at the same time they create enough distance to put your own human thoughts and deeds into perspective.

The background of the paintings seems to be swept. A single colour deepens the image, intensifies the contrast and creates an emptiness that is at the same time attractive and repelling. Humour, human characteristics and social criticism catch attention. Marcel is a visual storyteller, within the literary tradition of fables.

The paintings of Marcel Witte have national- and international appreciation. In 2014 his painting ‘Together Alone’ has voted as ‘Best of show’ during the ‘American Art Awards 2014’. Marcel often exhibits in The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Cuba, France, Denmark and Singapore. His paintings are found in private collections all over the world.

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