Since 2020, 25 Limited is publishing a special exclusive edition of 25 pieces together with well-known artists and upcoming talents. The motivation and goal is to be able to deliver affordable prints that will retain their value or become more valuable in the future. 25 Limited is a great opportunity to start an art collection or expand the art collection with art by contemporary artists with a very limited edition.


Re-Art has asked its artists to provide a unique work of art. Re-Art then produces a limited print with a collector’s value in an edition of 25 pieces. These affordable collectable prints are offered at a very special rate. The prints are made together with the artists and reach the highest standards for fine art printing. All prints are signed, numbered by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.


As soon as we release a new release, we will inform everyone in time through our newsletter and social media channels. Make sure you are registered for our newsletter. A release will always take place on a Friday at 18:00 European time.

Only 25 copies per print will become available per artist … in short: first come, first served.

25LMTD: an affordable special edition with special artists and (very) limited art prints.

25LMTD initiator Marcel Salome

“Art is and continues to enrich our lives. Even in these difficult times. Let’s support each other by continuing to enjoy beautiful art. Of course with the most important message in mind: stay healthy!”

History 25LMTD

25 limited is an initiative of Marcel Salome and his art printing company Re-Art. The idea to make an exclusive edition of 25 pieces together with artists has been around since the creation of Re-Art 20 years ago. Due to a lack of time and the growth of Re-Art, this plan remained on the shelves until the world and the art industry were severely affected by the corona crisis in 2020 and Re-Art also had to be creative to survive. 25LMTD became a unique art project to support artists and Re-Art during this difficult period and to give art lovers the opportunity to offer an affordable limited piece of art.

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